Chaga Mushroom Secrets

Learn how the Chaga mushroom can improve your health in a short time and increase your vitality enormously.

Recent studies from the U.S. show, that the Chaga mushroom is one of the most powerful antioxidants out there in the world. The scientists documented extremely positive effects for the whole organism. In short, the Chaga Mushroom has these benefits for your health …

– stimulates the immune system

– increases the activity of killer cells by 300%

– has a strong anti- cancer activity

– normalizes cholesterol levels

– improves the appearance of skin

– cleanses the blood

– lowers blood pressure

– reduces excessive blood sugar in diabetes

– stopped bleeding gums

Chaga am Baum

What is Chaga Mushroom?

The rare parasite grows on the trunks of birch trees in Siberia, Finland, Korea, China and Canada. He is up to 50 cm tall and looks like a shapeless black giant tuber.

In Germany, you can find the Birch mushroom isolated in areas of the Baltic Sea and in the Bavarian Forest. Apparently, however, only the Chaga mushroom from Siberia and northern Europe contains the health-promoting ingredients, because they are increasingly produced in icy temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees.

The history of this unique remedy

In Russian folk medicine the Chaga mushroom has been used for centuries for strengthening the immune system, used in gastritis , Morbus Crohn’s disease and for a healthy, beautiful skin. But also to combat stomach ulcers, malignant tumors, bleeding gums and diabetes.

We found the first statements on the Chaga mushroom in an old legend from the 12th Century. The Ukrainian Grand Prince Vladimir Monomakh was cured by a strong extract of the birch fungus of lip cancer.

From the 19th Century on,  medical representations of Russian doctors successfully cured their cancer patients with this universal remedy. In 1955, the Chaga mushroom was officially recognized and approved by the Russian Ministry of Health as an effective medicinal agent . That means …

It has been demonstrated a high efficacy of the ingredients of Chagas, because the Russian medicine and cancer research moves at the highest scientific level.

How it works?

In general, the Chaga mushroom has a cleansing effect on the whole organism . Over a course of treatment , toxins are excreted and strengthen the organism. The indications include the treatment of liver and heart problems, diabetes , tuberculosis, and infestation by parasites.

The Aino (inhabitants of Hokkaido, Japan) used the Chaga mushroom as preparing tea for stomach pain and inflammation.

In Russia, to gastritis and cancer to be treated at an early stage since the 1960’s he used years Excerpts from the Chaga .

Many studies have come to the unanimous conclusion that the birch parasite has positive effects on the central nervous system and increases the immunity strong.

Recent scientific studies dealing with the anti-cancer effect. The betulinic acid contained in Chaga mushroom has been proven to stop tumor growth, especially for tumors in the stomach and in the esophagus.

Especially the Chaga tea is suitable for cancer patients to relieve the pain and to revive the appetite again . However, the Chaga mushroom is not a radical theraphy for advanced cancer , although it may slow tumor growth strongly in the early stages .

How Chaga Mushroom protect your immune system 

Our immune system is the key to health . It has been proven : Stress is a strong immune killer. It may be physical, mental or environmental stress influenced ( environmental toxins ) . Also with increasing age diminishes the efficiency of our immune system.

But the Chaga mushroom may strengthen your immune system tremendously , because it contains a wide range of phytochemicals that help your body to stay in balance.

Many foods contain powerful antioxidants such as green tea , honey and many fruits . The bioactive substances are particularly polyphenols and phenols. In Chaga Mushroom many powerful antioxidants are concentrated in the outer shell included . The interaction of triterpenes , polysaccharides , betulinic acid and the rare germanium form a unique, potent cocktail against many degenerative diseases and premature aging.

The most powerful antioxidant in the world

The wild Chaga mushroom from Siberia is even one of the most powerful anti-oxidant substances that have ever been found. This has been investigations of the Brunswick Laboratories revealed a U.S. laboratory that specializes in the scientific measurement of antioxidants. With an ORAC value of 52452 units of the Chaga mushroom acts three times stronger than Maitake ( 15977 )

ORAC is a scientific method to measure the antioxidant capacity of plants. The Chaga mushroom it reached the highest levels ever recorded.

This universal healing mushroom stimulates the immune system only when it is really necessary , but an overactive immune system can be just as calm . In short : Our immune system is rotated by Chaga back to its natural state.

Is currently under examination by scientists , the effect on the HIV virus. Since the Chaga mushroom principle viruses also have great potential kills suspected.

How Chaga mushroom can help you to be healthy

The Chaga tea contains many essential minerals and plant substances in high concentration. Since we usually suffer because of our industrial food under nutrient deficiencies, these deficits are balanced and your body will be strengthened. When you will drink the tea every day your whole organism will be cleaned from slags. The Chaga mushroom is considered as a blood purifier and pain liberators. Also, you will get a beautiful skin.

Chaga has proven itself as a complementary cancer therapy. On the one hand to stop tumor growth, on the other hand, in order to alleviate the effects of the chemo and strengthen the immune system again. Significantly improved the quality of life for the cancer treatment.

Even more … Research has found the first evidence demonstrating that the Chaga mushroom itself has a strong anti- cancer potential, particularly in the early stages . The betulinic acid and some of the polysaccharides seem to possess the ability to kill cancer cells directly .

The special ingredients are the secret

The Chaga mushroom contains a unique range of healthy substances : Germanium , Betulinic acid , Iron, Chromium , Polysaccharides , Flavonoids , Triterpenes , Melanin. The interaction of these substances will enhance the health-promoting effects . The decisive advantages of this unique fungus are the absolute safety of its natural antioxidants and its proven cleansing and rejuvenating effect .

How is the Chaga mushroom used ?

As the simplest application you drink the mushroom tea. If you drink daily 1-5 ​​cups of your body with antioxidants inundated . But do not worry , the biggest advantage of the Chaga mushroom is that it guarantees has no negative side effects.

Where can you get natural Chaga Mushroom ?

There are few sources of real Chaga collected from the wild . The best quality you can get delivered …

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